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Uberpup showreel

Uberpup showreel image

Client: Uberpup Ltd

Date: Summer 2014

Comment: I am currently redesigning the website to include animation work completed in the last year. Please visit my behance portfolio to view all animation.

Textile Prints for Womens Shoes

Textile Prints for Womens Shoes image

Client: Tigerbear Republik / Schuh

Date: Spring 2014

Comment: Textile print designs used on womens shoes for Tigerbear Republik sold through Schuh from spring 2014.

Character Selfie

Character Selfie  image

Client: Pictoplasma

Date: Summer 2014

Comment: Artwork selected as part of Character Selfie Installation within the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery Exhibition Berlin, May 2014.

Keyboard Sticker designs

Keyboard Sticker designs image

Client: FCTRY

Date: Winter 2014

Comment: Keyboard sticker designs for FCTRY, made in Illustrator.

Character Designs for Game

Character Designs for Game image

Client: Red Lozenge

Date: Winter 2014

Comment: Character designs for games developer Red Lozenge San Francisco.

Working for the future

Working for the future image

Client: NCVYS

Date: October 2013

Comment: illustration for charity NCVYS quarterly magazine.

Uberpup Loopy Fruity

Uberpup Loopy Fruity image

Client: Lunartik Art Passes

Date: August 2013

Comment: Loopy Fruity design as part of Lunartik and Chums Series 5 Art Pass collection.