uberpup news

Shoe Print Designs

Shoe Print Designs image

Client: Tigerbear Republik/ Schuh

Date: Spring 2014

Comment: Textile print designs used on shoes for Tigerbear Republik sold through Schuh from spring 2014.

Working for the future

Working for the future image

Client: NCVYS

Date: October 2013

Comment: illustration for charity NCVYS quarterly magazine.

Uberpup Loopy Fruity

Uberpup Loopy Fruity image

Client: Lunartik Art Passes

Date: August 2013

Comment: Loopy Fruity design as part of Lunartik and Chums Series 5 Art Pass collection.

My LIttle Animals Characters and Illustrations

My LIttle Animals Characters and Illustrations image

Client: Last Lemon

Date: July 2013

Comment: Last Lemon asked me to work on character designs, a cover and double page spread illustration for a proposed children's book series called My Little Animals.

Outbrain Illustrations

Outbrain Illustrations image

Client: Acrylicize and Outbrain

Date: June 2013

Comment: Acrylicize asked me to complete a series of collage illustrations used for Outbrain office spaces.

Character Designs

Character Designs image

Client: Personal Work

Date: June 2013

Comment: Various character designs and concepts in collage, vector and pen.

Uberpup Collection for LOQI

Uberpup Collection for LOQI image

Client: LOQI

Date: April 2013

Comment: Black and white collection for Loqi. Use on shopping bags, pouches and luggage covers.